Wednesday, April 7, 2010

By the time ....

By the time:
Take time to think, it is a source of strength.
Take time to play, that is the secret of eternal youth,
Take time to pray, it is a source of comfort,
Take time to learn, that is the source of wisdom,
Take time to love and be loved, it is a privilege conferred upon by Allah,
Take time for friends, that is the way to happiness,
Take time to laugh, it is the heart throb of music,
Take the time to give, it is meant to feel alive,
Take time to work, it is the value of success,
Take time to worship, it is the key to heaven.


Ayasu Kuro-Obi said...

Syappp...bakpe mu punya blog kena tapis hah?? ada warning lagi sblm dpt masuk... CIA ingat mu terrorist ke.

ajako said...

ntah, budak2 kat opis aku pandang slack jer time nak bukak blog ko...